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All about Faeries (the board game)...

Faeries board game image showing leather board laid out with playing pieces next to games tube (box)

Faeries is a game for two players, each attempting to control a gaggle of unruly Faeries intent on throwing cheese at each other, while they race for safety... Two cheese-loving trolls help (and sometimes hinder) by collecting the cheese, which the Faeries happily throw back at their adversaries...

Comprises leather board 11" x 5 1/2" with wooden counters, all hand-finished; plus plastic dice, and full rules. Packaged in a sturdy card tube. Suitable for ages 10 and up. Playing time 20-30 minutes. Not suitable for young children (small parts).

Here's what one of our playtesters said about the game:

"We've found the game really enjoyable to play. Simple, but with loads of opportunities for developing strategy. The length of the game is comfortable and the dice element brings a random aspect that means it doesn't lose any enjoyment on repeat plays with the same person. The game looks really beautiful visually and we've found particular enjoyment in playing it next to a roaring fire. The practicality of the historical styling also makes it a great game to carry in our bag for impromptu games. For us it makes us feel like we're carrying a classic game from a fantastical setting."

Tom from Gloucestershire

Father and daughter playing Faeries at UK Games Expo 2016

Here's a pic of our first Faeries customers trying out the game before buying, at UK Games Expo in June 2017! Thanks to everyone who visited us and played and/or bought the game - we'd love to have your feedback, which you can send via our Contact page. We'll be back at UK Games Expo in June 2018, with more Faeries games!

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